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We welcome International Aero Academy students and pilots!

We are so pleased to have you join us!  We invite you to save money on your flight training by strengthening your Aviation English skills before you arrive.  We know that when you arrive at International Aero Academy, you will be busy attending your ground school and flight lessons.  You do not want to have to take Aviation English classes too!

Or, you may have started classes and find that the radio communication goes very fast or there are many new words to learn as you prepare for your check rides and oral exams.

For that reason, we’ve made the Expedite Aviation English Program available to you online from anywhere you have a good internet connection.  Our online students learn Aviation English just as well as students who attend our classes face to face with an instructor.

Although Expedite Aviation English offers many courses, one of the most popular courses taken by International students is Cleared to Communicate.   Understanding the way the ATCs speak so quickly can be confusing.  This course will help you to know the procedures so that you can focus on your flying.  You will learn to communicate better and respond more quickly.

  • Learn and use radio communication during routine flight
  • Learn the procedures from taxiing for departure to your return
  • 32 hour course (16 hours with your instructor and 16 hours completing online homework and listening exercises)
  • You must be a high ICAO Level 3 to take this course

We’d also like to offer you a few free specials if you decide to take a course with us online before attending International Aero Academy for your flight training or FAA license conversion and a few free specials just for being an International Aero student!

Please fill out the form to the right. (You MUST put the name of your admissions representative or we will not send the information.) After we receive it, we will send you 2 emails this week with:

  1. .PDF of “Links we like”
    • This is a document of our favorite websites for training and how to use them to help you prepare to speak on the radio with ATC.
  2. Flashcard Download
    • Printable flashcards of the vocabulary used in radio communication between pilots and ATCs

You will also receive a free, brief audio/video lesson every month in our newsletter.  It is filled with tips and tricks to help you strengthen your Aviation English skills at any level.

If you decide to take a course with Expedite Aviation English, you’ll also receive 3 more free 5-10 minute video lessons.  It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing Expedite Aviation English! If you decide to take a class with us, please write: International Aero Academy in the notes when you checkout and pay for your course.

We look forward to supporting you in your flight training.  Please contact us if we can be of assistance in any way.

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